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  • JHGDI Issue 30 - Social media snippet
  • Macro Money - Mark Baker's monthly column in the i
  • Janus Henderson Global Dividend Index
  • Insider Pro - UK Manufacturing Barometer
  • Investment Trust Monitor
  • Company Matters - Boardroom Diversity
  • Link Group UK Dividend Monitor
  • LPeC - Listed Private Equity

Janus Henderson Global Dividend Index

5i's team creates the world's best known thought leadership on the dividend-paying power of companies listed all over the globe - the Janus Henderson Global Dividend Index. From millions of data points come creative stories. The team works with Janus Henderson's fund managers to align the index with their market perspective. Click the image to go to the Global Dividend Index home page where you can find the most recent edition.

Link Group UK Dividend Monitor

In January 2021, Link Group published the latest UK Dividend Monitor, the 44th edition we have worked on together. The UK Dividend Monitor is one of the longest running and most respected pieces of thought leadership in the financial services industry, with a huge following in the media, among fund managers and other industry practitioners, with policy makers and with private investors. Click the image to read the Q4 2020 edition.

LPeC - Listed Private Equity

LPeC represents listed private capital companies and funds from the UK, Continental Europe and North America with investors, regulators, media and other participants across the world. In November 2020, 5i Research produced LPeC's first Annual Market Review, a report which helps demystify the world of listed private equity and explains the compelling investment case. Click the image to read the report.

Macro Money - monthly column in the i newspaper

Check out Mark Baker's column in the Money pages of the i newspaper. Each month he takes a new economic theme, unpacks it, and show how it affects the decisions we must make every day

Insider Pro - UK Manufacturing Barometer 2021

British manufacturers were under severe pressure even before Covid hit. Insider Pro shows they made less money in the year to March 2020 than they did in 2015 even though their sales had gone up. There's been a lot of Brexit happening there, which itself has got especially squeaky in the last twelve months. Add in a global pandemic and profits have halved since March last year. It's all causing a painful cash squeeze. Ouch. Luckily Insider Pro has some good advice on how to alleviate the pain.

Investment Trust Dividend Monitor

New research into the income-paying power of the UK's investment trusts. There's a full report, but if you click the image you'll hear a podcast with James de Sausmarez and me discussing with Link why investment trusts matter and how they successfully beat the 2020 dividend drought.

Company Matters - Boardroom Diversity

If you're not white or a man you're not very likely to be running a company in the UK or even among the senior bods. This was a fascinating piece of work to be involved with. From my privileged position I can't help but cringe. Click the image and you can read the report, published in February 2021